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Term Term (GR) Abbreviation Description
Annual Μονοετές A

Annual is a plant that lives a year or less, typically living for a growing periods within a year.

Μονοετές είναι ένα φυτό που ζει ένα έτος ή λιγότερο, ζώντας τυπικά για μια αυξητική περίοδο εντός ενός έτους

Biennial Διετές B

Biennial is a plant that lives for 2 years (or two growing periods) and usually flowers in the second year.

Διετές είναι ένα φυτό που ζει 2 έτη (ή δύο αυξητικές περιόδους) και ανθοφορεί συνήθως τον δεύτερο χρόνο.

Perennial Πολυετές P

Perennial is a plant that lives more than 2 years.

Πολυετές είναι ένα φυτό που ζει περισσότερο από 2 έτη.

Borders between the 13 floristic regions are in most cases clearly evident, but for the following mainland regions certain specifications are given below:

  1. Border between StE and SPi – a line between the following points: 38.53/21.10 – 38.54/21.20 – 38.56/21.30 – 38.59/21.38 – 38.59/21.50 – 39.00/22.03 – 39.05/22.19.
  2. Border between SPi and NPi: a line between the following points: 39.37/20.11 – 39.38/20.30 – 39.39/20.41 – 39.40/20.58 – 39.46/21.06 – 39.44/21.14 – 39.44/21.21 – 39.43/21.26 – 9.44/21.30 – 39.47/21.45. The border between SPi and NPi in the Metsovo-Ioannina area has been drawn just S of the old national road so that the Katara Pass, the town of Metsovo and the meadows just N of Metsovo are all in NPi. It coincides (more or less) with the border between an area of limestone in the south and serpentine in the north.
  3. Border between NPi and NC: – in the Kastoria area follows an almost straight line from 40.21/21.18 to the Albanian border at 40.34/21.03, which places it c. 5 km SW of the town of Argos Orestikou.
  4. Border between StE – SPi – NPi and EC – NC: a line between the following points: 38.53/22.33 – 38.55/22.28 – 39.05/22.19 – 39.18/22.10 – 39.33/21.55 – 39.47/21.45 – 40.00/21.36 – 40.14/21.25 – 40.34/21.02.
  5. Border between EC and NC: a line between the following points: 39.33/21.55 – 39.42/22.13 and then along the Pinios River to the sea at 39.54/22.43.
  6. Border between NC and NE: along the Axios River from the Bulgarian border to the sea.